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Enrolments Open 
First Payment/Deposit

Last Payment Due by 

Masterclass Begins 

December 1st, 2020
| 20% of total cost

25th March, 2021

Thursday 1st April, 2021

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Chakra Ameliorate Music Album

Chakra Ameliorate Official Music Album

ROOT CHAKRA [Muladhara]

SACRAL CHAKRA [Svadhishthana]





CROWN CHAKRA [Sahasrara]


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Chakra Ameliorate Hardcover Book

Chakra Ameliorate Hardcover Book

The Chakra Ameliorate hardcover book by

Rhys T. O'Leary provides you with all the keys of wisdom required to review, manage, clear and cleanse your chakras on your own. Using your Chakra Ameliorate tools alongside your guide-book; find yourself immersed and captivated within a brand new world of possibilities as you get ready to hit the refresh button on your chakras. This book is designed to be used in conjunction with The Chakra Ameliorate Official Oracle Cards and The Chakra Ameliorate Music Album.

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Chakra Ameliorate Oracle Cards

Chakra Ameliorate Official Oracle Cards

* Included in the box is 44 powerful Oracle Cards

* Included in the box is an Official Guide Book

* Designed using powerful healing frequencies

* Unique blessing and intention on each card

* These cards are designed to be used in conjunction with The Chakra Ameliorate Hardcover Book and The Chakra Ameliorate Music Album.

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Fortnightly Masterclasses

Fortnightly Masterclasses [3 Hours]

Every single fortnight the next Lesson within the Chakra Ameliorate Masterclass series will be delivered directly to your Inbox. :Rhys-T: O'Leary will be live every fortnight waiting to answer your e-mail questions alongside the release of the new lesson. There is a total of 13 fortnightly (every two weeks) 3 hour Masterclass modules to complete the entire course.

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1on1 Coaching Session [30 Minutes]

Included in this package is a 1on1 coaching session for 30 minutes (once) during the entire 13 fortnightly classes (at your own choosing). This coaching session can be used to solidify, ground and expand upon what you are learning during the course and directly ask :Rhys-T: O'Leary any questions you may wish to have clarity around.

1on1 Coaching Session

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E-mail Questions [3 per fortnight]

You will be provided with three e-mail questions per fortnightly masterclass allowing you the ability to have a fully embodied understanding of the Chakra Ameliorate Masterclass.

E-Mail Questions

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Classroom Giveaways [1 per fortnight]

Every single Masterclass lesson will bring with it a new Pop-Quiz! There will be a prize for the winner of the Pop-Quiz! (up to $50 value per lesson prize).

Classroom Giveaway

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Graduation Gift [Chakra Ameliorate Candle]

Your achievement of completion is celebrated by the perpelFLAME Team and :Rhys-T: O'Leary with our artisan Chakra Ameliorate Candle bespoke by :Rhys-T: O'Leary with blessings of abundance on your journey as you walk with your new tools and knowledge.

Graduation Gift

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Graduation Certificate [End of Term]

You will be provided with an Official Graduation Certificate to have in your records as a marker point of completion. Each Graduation Certificate is sealed both physically and spiritually.

Graduation Certificate

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How to Enrol

If you would like to enrol in the Chakra Ameliorate Masterclass there will be a total of $499 contribution in total for your Masterclass inclusions valued at over $3,000AUD.

We understand some people may wish to Direct Deposit to a Bank Account. Please use the details provided below and E-mail us on rtoa8888@protonmail.com with your First and Last Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number and Mailing Address and we will be in touch to complete your Enrolment.

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If you pay for your space in The Chakra Ameliorate Masterclass in full upon booking; This will attract a special bonus offer which includes a FREE Intuitive Mediumship Reading [60 Minutes] + FREE Zoom Recording [total value of $88]. 

You will receive your voucher within your Masterclass Package and is valid for use in 2021.

Deposit Only

For those who are wishing to place a [non-refundable] deposit to hold their space while continuing to pay the balance of their course must be willing to pay a minimum off the balance at least ONCE per month leading up to the commencement of the masterclass.


Final payments are required at least ONE week prior to commencement.