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The Universe wouldn't be the Universe...

The Universe Wouldn’t Be The Universe...

When we think about the universe as a whole we generally do not factor ourselves into that equation at first thought and by any means for most people being an ‘important piece’ in the grand universal scheme is anything but close to a feeling of what could be called by some a cosmic joke. The truth of this in fact is that you are indeed an important piece in the grand scheme of the universe. You, along with all of your fellows within existence all play an important piece in this universal jigsaw puzzle, you see.

From the moment you are born you are taught what to say, what to think and when to do all of the basic human functions and skills required to simply ‘exist’ within this time space dimension on a planet we label “Earth”. We are conditioned from the minute we arrive and then we grow up and live out life on planet earth as a product of our childhood while almost forgetting the purpose of our so called existence in the process.

How many times have you thought about how many people actually exist on planet earth and live out their individual lives whilst also co-existing within just the planetary community?

Our current planetary citizen count:

"Millions of electrodes pass through our brain throughout our lifetime"

As at 2019 we are currently in the midst of greatness within out little green and blue planet but you see we are not quite there yet. We are yet to mature our collective ideologies and combine our strengths to use together to uplift and develop ourselves. We are not self realised as a collective yet; or at least not enough of us are in order to tip that scale in the direction it needs to be in; but alas.

We are on the path to discovering as a collective a perceived ‘additional skill set’ that we as individuals can tap into and ride the wave of within our own lives. We see people who have already discovered their ‘additional skill sets’ and have indeed begun riding the wave that follows that discovery and amalgamation within their lives. These are people that do not just exceed in their respective field but their uniqueness and ability to convey a message while being completely themselves surpassess their original respective chosen field and begins to spill out everywhere. Why? Why does this happen? It’s simply because when the world recognises that someone has ‘cracked’ the code to their own life; they want that for themselves and they idolise whoever has already been down the path they are wishing to go down. This creates a difficult line to have to discern when trying to understand if you are following the ideology or the person who is touting the ideology.

The message is clear behind all of this. Be you. Do you. Achieve knowing all aspects of your being; and not just your physical one. We are in an age where accepting facts such as that we are in fact made up of more than just flesh and bones is easy to accept because the majority of the collective are willing to accept that.

What is the point? Well the point simply put is that you matter. You are a co-creator. A conscious individual being that has chosen on some level to manifest in a physical form right here, right now on planet earth. You have demonstrated your ability to consciously and unconsciously create your reality around you and continue to learn and grow everyday. There’s just one problem. You’re not exactly aware that you can just be you. You see, everyday society dictates exactly who and what we can be and in fact most of what we are taught is completely wrong and has been woven as a form of distraction away from the fact that we are omnipotent infinite manifesting co-creating magical beings; simply put. We exist beyond the flesh suites we wear and we are still yet to completely agree as a complete collective on our own existence itself… but isn’t it clear?

Imagine the possibilities...

We are existence itself. There are no rules. We are here to experience as many different versions of creation in as many different ways possible. We are that and more. Our mere existence has been woven in to a galactic community story of which we ourselves are indeed completely unaware of and yet we are taught to worry about that which has no fundamental meaning on a daily basis instead of seeing how far our potential can take us when we focus on what brings us together rather than what separates us. We are clearly all unique so why do we as a collective need further evidence and reassurance of that fact? It is such an primitive narrative for what we think is a ‘modern world’..

Break free from that which restricts your ability to be the best version and the completely original version of yourself. Do not let anybody define who you are. You came here with a mission to experience a version of creation and you are completely entitled to fulfil that. If you haven’t discovered why you have come here yet then your journey is still unfolding and that is okay too. We all have a part to play for one another for just like atoms and subatomic particles; we too must play a cosmic dance with one another without realising it; all the while ‘invisibly’ and sometimes quite visibly supporting each other's existence.

Rather beautiful when you think about it.

When you finish reading this you will more than likely have so many questions and it will feel as though a veil has been lifted. Because it has been. You will view everything in a new light and come to appreciate not just other people but yourself more. You are WUNDERFOL, it’s time to share that with the world…

Oh and ONE more thing...

"The Universe wouldn't be the universe without YOU in it!"

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