• Lending a moment of consciousness outside of the present, find yourself indulging in the counsel of Rhys T. O’Leary as he dives into the choices that you have not made yet. Tapping in to your energetic field, Rhys will bring forth information from ahead of time to provide you awareness and understanding of that of which has not occurred yet providing you the opportunity to make a choice that is right for you in any given upcoming moment.

    During your session you will receive a combination of Psychic Messages and Guidance (Clairvoyance: Clear Seeing; Claircognizance: Clear Knowing; Clairaudience: Clear Hearing; Clairempathy: Clear Emotion; Clairsentience: Clear Physical Feeling; Clairtangency: Clear Touching or Psychometry; Clairsalience: Clear Smelling and Clairgustance: Clear Tasting) and Rhys T. O'Leary will always leave the door between this world and the next OPEN allowing for loved ones in spirit to come through via Rhys T. O'Leary's mediumship abilities.

    You are encouraged to take notes while you are receiving your Intuitive Mediumship Reading to be able to take away as much information for your journey as possible. This also will allow you ample opportunity to reflect upon the reading after it has occurred.

    This is a booking for a One on One Intuitive Mediumship Reading with Psychic Medium Rhys T. O'Leary for 60 Minutes + (may go over 60 minutes, keep available time) by Zoom. Your koha [donation] also includes a digital recording of your zoom session provided to you after the session by e-mail with a download link. 

    Your koha [donation] is used to go back into the community foundations of perpelFLAME. We thank you tribe member!

    Intuitive Mediumship Reading (Zoom + Recording for Download)


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