• Lending a moment of consciousness outside of the present, find yourself indulging in the counsel of Rhys T. O’Leary as he dives into the choices that you have not made yet. Tapping in to your energetic field, Rhys will bring forth information from ahead of time to provide you awareness and understanding of that of which has not occurred yet providing you the opportunity to make a choice that is right for you in any given upcoming moment.

    This will allow you to ask 10 individual questions to receive Yes/No responses as well as a breif sentence for each question asked.

    Rules of 1 Yes/No Questions Mini-Reading

    • Up to 2 Days turnaround time

    • Yes/No Questions Mini-Readings do not qualify as a one on one reading with Rhys T. O’Leary

    • Must be paid for in full before receiving 

    • All bookings via the website only

    • Questions must be included when booking (please separate with a comma or semi-colon [  , or ;  ])

    • Valid contact details must be included during booking

    • If using promo code this must be entered at the check out 

    • Maximum 1000 character response per question

    • All responses are from Rhys T. O’Leary

    • You will not receive a reply to additional email responses outside of your questions

    • All enquiries via the chat function on the website

    • For Full Terms & Conditions visit Administration

    10 Yes/No Question


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