This option provides you with the opportunity to pay the minimum deposit to attend the Chakra Ameliorate Masterclass from April 1st, 2021. Please be advised that your final payment is required at least 14 days prior to the Masterclass commencement. You will be provided with your Enrolment pack upon completion of Enrolment and you will receive your toolkit prior to Commencement. 

Once you have paid your deposit (using this option) and filled out your contact details a member of the perpelFLAME team will be in touch to complete your enrolment and confirm your space in the Chakra Ameliorate Masterclass 2021. 

* Chakra Ameliorate Music Album (Physical & Digital)
* Chakra Ameliorate Hardcover Book (Bonus Digital Copy)
* Chakra Ameliorate Official Oracle Cards
* 13 x 3 Hour fortnightly [every two weeks] Chakra Ameliorate Masterclasses
* 1 x 1on1 Coaching Session [30 Minutes] with :Rhys-T: O'Leary
* 3 x E-mail Questions [per fortnight]
* 1 x Classroom Giveaway (up to $50 per fortnight Masterclass)
* 1 x Graduation Gift (Chakra Ameliorate Candle)
* 1 x Graduation Certificate [End of Term]
* Workbook
* Access to Online Student Portal

The Chakra Ameliorate Masterclass [Enrolment]


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