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Rhys T. O'Leary was first invited as a Featured Regular  Guest on Psychic TV Australia in 2017 by former TVSN, PTV Australia    host Malvadee  McIver after participating in a distanced test reading experience. Immediately  sharing his capabilities with the Australian nation set Rhys on a journey which inevitably brought him to where he is today.


He always recounts his time as a Featured Regular Guest with feelings of gratefulness  as he has acquired many tribe members through the medium of television of which have joined the perpelFLAME tribe;    shared their unique journey and experience  (and some having even joined the  incredible perpelFLAME Administration Team wanting to pass on their unique perspective to others in the tribe and around the world   adding their effort to raising the global collective consciousness; one beautiful soul at a time).

Psychic TV Australia (since concluded  national television airing) was Australia's premier Psychic Medium Network available by means of local free-to-air domestic as well as pay-per-view Australian Television. Having been re-born many times rising from its own ashes; PTV Australia currently remains dormant once again leaving behind only remnants of previous days with some original and ongoing guest psychics and mediums still available by means of telephone hotline.