Humans have always turned towards the psychic and medium for answers that already lay dormant within the individual already awaiting to be awakened, ignited and brought back to our conscious minds from the subconscious world.

:Rhys-T: O'Leary. is the founder and creator of perpelFLAME and has been a professional psychic medium witch author and more for almost ten years. At the age of just 28 in 2020; :Rhys-T: O'Leary. continues to profoundly and rapidly advance and expand peoples consciousness and reality all around the world in countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, Canada, The United States of America, Costa Rica, Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and the list continues to grow daily. 

With a diverse following of tribe members, :Rhys-T: O'Leary. dedicates his energy, time, wisdom and ability to see through the veil of reality around us to share and allow a glimpse within and even teach others how to view and look through the veil of reality around us by themselves. 

Join :Rhys-T: O'Leary. and many thousands of others from around the world and engage in an Intuitive Mediumship Reading and expect to be amazed by the information that is provided to you during your session of any form. Whether by written, verbal or otherwise communicated; ALL READINGS are compiled and completed by :Rhys-T: O'Leary. himself. 

If you would like to participate in a reading with :Rhys-T: O'Leary you must complete the below contact form. You will then be contacted to arrange a specific date and time to conduct your Intuitive Mediumship session with :Rhys-T: O'Leary.


"It is of course an inevitable trait within the human DNA and genome code that we are curious by nature and have a curious nature. It is what we do with that curiosity is that of which will determine who we are" ~ Rhys T. O'Leary 

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30 Minute Intuitive Mediumship Reading

Whether new or returning client you are required to fill out the form below. Once you have entered in the following details you will be directed to a payment screen for your $50 payment for your session. 
You will be contacted by a member of perpelFLAME to confirm your reading booking. PLEASE BE AWARE - We do ask for your preference as  to when you would like to have your 30 Minute Session however the booking date and time is ULTIMATELY based on the availability of :Rhys-T: O'Leary. We thank you for your understanding.
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