perpelFLAME was intuited by Rhys T. O'Leary when he was just fourteen years old. Since that time, he has developed and enveloped himself within the platform of perpelFLAME along with many other tribe members from around the world.

This platform has been created to facilitate a space of quantum learning; leading people to a place of personal enlightenment on a daily basis.


Some Previous Roles:

* National Television (appearing in multiple episodes of PTV Australia)
* Digital Radio Regular Show (Ipswich QLD Variety FM)
* National Expositions (Mind Body Spirit Festival and more)

* Local markets

* Corporate Events, Christmas, Birthday and other Custom Parties

perpelFLAME is available around the world with tribe members located in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand, USA, UK and more.

Rhys T. O'Leary is a professional Psychic; Medium; Witch; Author and Co-Writer who has been bringing people together all his life.

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Rhys T. O'Leary - The Oracle

Since the age of seventeen, Rhys has dedicated his life to understanding the world around us all in order to facilitate people to understand both it and themselves more efficiently on a transcendent level.

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